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About TISKA Duston

Welcome to the TISKA Duston Shotokan Karate Club Website .Duston Karate club is a small and friendly club where all ages and abilities are welcome. Karate is fantastic form of self defence and is great for improving coordination, fitness, flexibility, strength and self -confidence.  There is something in it for everyone from age 4 to 70 years. For children Karate is brilliant for discipline and self-control and builds self-esteem at the same time, as well as keeping them active. For adults Karate is great for strength and flexibility, general fitness, it’s definitely good for de-stressing, and you make many good lifelong friends at the same time. New beginners are always welcome and train in a dedicated beginners session.




Classes in Duston

The Club Instructor

The Duston TISKA Karate club is run by Miss K Lovell 5th Dan instructor. Miss Lovell first Karate lesson was with Chief Instructor Shihan G Sahota in 1996 at his Northampton club . Her intention was initially to get fit after the birth of her son, now a fourth Dan black belt himself, but she very quickly became committed to Karate. Miss Lovell has trained under the guidance of Shihan Sahota for 28 years achieving her first Dan (Shodan) in 2001 and going on to achieve 5th Dan (Godan)at the Masters course in La Manga Spain in May 2018.

Over the years she has regularly taken part in annual TISKA championships and attends courses held by Shihan Sahota to further her training and learn new skills. She has also attended Masters courses in Italy, Dubai, Spain and Barbados held by Shihan Sahota Chief Instructor.

Miss Lovell has enhanced DBS clearance and is first aid trained.

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Skotokan karate is comprised of 3 areas of discipline:

  • Kihon: (Basics) teaching the correct techniques that form the basis of karate
  • Kumite: (Fighting techniques) developing coordination and reaction time
  • Kata (Forms) Pre-set movements combining blocking and counter attacking, techniques, helping to develop speed agility and strength

Karate has been shown to provide physiological and psychological benefits for adults and children alike. Research has shown that children who study karate show better speed times, explosive leg strength and coordination skills. They also score better on working memory, visual selective attention and executive function tests.

Karate is an art suitable for all, studies have shown teaching Karate to children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder leads to significant reduction in their communication deficit.

In adults a long term study of karate has been found to have favourable effects on mood and physical health showing better postural control and a positive influence on the skeletal status.


Why Shotokan karate for children

Self Confidence: Karate is one of the best builders of self-confidence. Traditional Shotokan Karate training helps prepare a child for life, helping with issues such as bullying, the pressures of exams and the building of self-esteem. Children like to perform, especially for the people they love and respect. With a little encouragement and support from the instructor they will rise to the occasion and surprise themselves with their own achievements.

Etiquette: Children are taught from the outset that Shotokan Karate is primarily a defensive and not Offensive martial art. Children will learn to be polite and respect their fellow students, Parents and instructor.

Discipline: A child’s concentration is enhanced if they learn to focus their mind on a task, whether by learning a complicated sequence of techniques in their Karate Practice or by doing well in an exam at school or college. Many parents , an teachers, notice an improvement in concentration when children have begun practicing and learning karate.

Why Shotokan Karate for adults?

Self Defence: Street violence including muggings, take place in every city and town in the country and Shotokan Karate is an effective form of self defence and is a brilliant skill to have.

Health and Flexibility: With continued training Shotokan Karate will help improve you overall strength, fitness , flexibility, and overall feeling of wellbeing. Exercise is also well documented as an aid to improved mental health.

Self confidence and wellbeing: As for children the same can be said for people of all ages that Karate is one of the best builders of self-confidence.